How to select a painting from the “Buy painting” section

 1. In the “Buy painting” section of the web site you can see a choice of paintings accessible for acquisition. Click on any thumbnail of a painting you like to get access to full information about the item: its description, price, sizeable image and a “Buy” button. Clicking on the button, you will be suggested an application form that you may fill-in and send to our manager. If you haven’t yet made your decision, just click on the cross in the right low corner of the window.

2. Paintings are sold without framing. In case you want to put your purchase in a frame, please inform us in advance by e-mail.

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Exclusive ordering

Click on the “Order” button in the main menu, and you will get an application form where you can put your order. In the “Enter message text” field put the genre (landscape, portrait, still life etc.), size, framing type, color gamma and estimated price of desirable painting.

To order an exclusive painting, a 50-percent front payment is necessary. When the job is done, you will get a photo of the painted picture by e-mail for visual acquaintance and final approval. When the rest of costs, including delivery, is paid, the painting will be shipped to you right away.

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Delivery of paintings of your choice is worldwide and paid separately.

International delivery: UPS

Payment worldwide

1. Collect on delivery

After you chose a painting, you may send us a filled form from the “Buy painting” section. We will get in touch with you shortly by e-mail and send you a bill to pay for delivery and some other expenses. Amount mentioned in the bill includes delivery cost, provided by delivery agency, package expenses, insurance payment, and documentation preparation costs charged by Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. When the bill is paid the painting is sent to you by Collect on delivery method.

After the painting arrives, you may examine it again and, in case you don’t like it, send it back to us for our expense (previously paid services costs will not be reimbursed). Otherwise you may pay for the painting to delivery service.

2. Front payment

You can make a 100% front payment for both painting and delivery by wiring money on our card account (sent by e-mail). In this case the package, insurance and documentation preparation costs are not applied. The painting will be sent to you right after the wire transfer is received.

Attention! Collecting your paintings, please make sure to carry passport and tell the delivery agency your declaration number.

Payment in Kyiv

1. If you wonder, how one or more of my paintings will look on your wall, we could bring them to your place. The delivery is free as soon as you buy the painting(s); otherwise its cost is UAH 200.

2. In case you buy my painting(s) in the “Collectioner” shop in Kyiv, 2B Andriivskyi Slope, delivery is free. Time of delivery is to be arranged beforehand.

To patrons, gallery owners, art connoisseurs

I invite you all to visit my workshop to get familiarized with my work, as well as for cooperation and exhibition talks.

I’ll gladly meet you at the airport or Kyiv train station, and assist with accommodation in hotel.