Montenegro plein-air


  Andrei’s trip to Montenegro brought him new inspirations and echoed in his paintings. After visiting the most beautiful places of this country – Kotor, Budva, Perast, Herceg Novi – he wanted to glorify the depth and the beauty of natural colors, the winding landscape, mountains, sea, lakes, and The God who gave him talent and filled his heart with impressions streaming on his paintings through his brush. Blazing colors, contrast and boldness distinguish Andrei’s pictures in Montenegro. Weightlessness of the air, charming of the water, mix of light and shadow, vivid reflections, various moods of nature make the A. Figol’s paintings special and memorizing, attracting looks again and again, making you examine them carefully, fully submerged in their atmosphere. A viewer’s consciousness comprehends the integral landscapes entirely, perceiving first things first. And that’s what you like the most – your subconsciousness taking the lead prompting you of satisfaction of what you just have seen.