Ukrainian Vernissage: Eastern Europe at a Glance

Wednesday, 22 December 2010 to Tuesday, 30 November 2010


White Canvas Gallery presented three artists hailing from Ukraine & Georgia in Ukrainian Vernissage, our last major exhibition of the year.

The title of the exhibition is not to be taken literally; it is more like an allegory to the show being the Singapore debut of these three artists, that will thus place them into the public consciousness. Displaying their individuality in the unique style and technique each adopted in their work, the paintings are all rich in colour and light; the strong eye of the artist comes through each piece in presenting the world through their perspective.

From depictions in golden light by Figol, to the lushly coloured renditions of Fylonenko and ending at the idiosyncratic imaginings from Martiashvili, the trio demonstrate beauty in ways that are particular to each, yet still complementary due to the shared experience of living in a country with a complex political history.