Andrey Figol was born on February 11th, 1974 in Zvenigorodka, Ukraine. When he was a child, Andrey’s relatives noticed
his passion for drawing and insisted upon his attending an art school.

In 1987, Andrey was enrolled into Children’s Arts School in Zvenigordka. While studying there he began displaying his work at various art exhibitions.

In 1989, after graduating from high school, Andrey was admitted into Shevchenko Arts School in Kyiv to study painting. Svetlana Bondarenko,
honored Ukrainian artist, became his supervisor and teacher.

In 1993, after graduation from the arts school, Andrey received a proposition from Ukrainian Ministry of Culture to organize his personal exhibition
at the Ukrainian House, the nation’s largest exhibition hall. Andrey was the first young Ukrainian artist to receive such a proposition.
The exhibition was a tremendous success. All his paintings sold out.

In 1993, Figol left for Moscow in search for creative inspiration. There Andrey joined the Russian Artist Association, participated in en plein airs and exhibitions.

In 1996, Andrey was called up for military service, but did not stop drawing whilst in the military. He worked at an Army Arts House.

2001 - exhibition at Interior Gallery in Kyiv.

In 2001 he participated in Euro Image Exhibition.

In 2002 Andrey was a participant at Poetry of Paints Exhibition as well as at an exhibition organized by the Ukrainian Culture Foundation.

In 2007 Andrey exhibited his work at an opening ceremony of Cultural Heritage of Russia Foundation at N-prospekt Gallery in Saint Petersburg.

2008 – Andrey held his personal exhibition at N-prospekt Gallery in Saint Petersburg.

2008 - Art Festival in Kyiv.

2008 - International en plein air in Montenegro.

2008 – Exhibition of Artists’ Federation of Russia.

2009 – Personal exhibition at an Art gallery in Ternopil.

2009 – “Through the Eyes of a Painter” exhibition in Montenegro.

2009 – “Road to Temple” exhibition in Moscow.

2009 – “Modern Landscape” exhibition in Moscow.

2010 – “At the Turn of the Millennium” exhibition in Moscow at the Central Artist House.

2010 - “Ukraninian Vernisage: Eastern Europe at a Glance” exhibition in Singapore at the White Canvas Gallery.

Andrey Figol art gallery