Andrey Figol’s work is a smooth blend of the modern art of painting with its variety of styles and means of expressiveness. Andrey Figol is able to capture the evanescent state of nature with crisp vividness and emotion. Composition, academic modeling of forms, powerful presentation, and bright colors give birth to an amazing appreciation – the viewer associates his paintings with works by Konstantin Korovin and masters of classic Dutch still life paintings of the 17th century.

Yet Figol’a style is unique and original, intent on not imitating the great names but rather creating original artwork.
The versatility of Figol’s talent, the variety of genres that he works in resonate with the search of the modern human being, who aspires to grasp and explore the new possibilities and technologies.
The  artist cannot imagine a different path!


Platon Petrov, Ekaterina Gudze

Andrey Figol was awarded the Golden Badge by Russia’s Cultural Heritage Foundation.
He holds numerous prizes, diplomas, and decorations.

His name is mentioned in a reference book titled United Artist Rating of 18-21 Centuries. The book attempts to systemize the painting market of Russia (as well as former Soviet Union countries).
Andrey Figol is also a member of Russian Union of Professional Artists. (

Andrey Figol’s paintings have joined collections in Ukraine, USA, Russia, England, France, Italy, Germany, Canada and Turkey.